Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Advancing the leading edge of health information technology in Europe.

As a not-for profit organization, IHE-Europe depends upon the active participation of a broad group of constituents to advance its mission. IHE-Europe serves as an umbrella organization for the different national IHE initiatives. The association has also won support from a broad range of stakeholders that includes hospitals and individuals who are users of health information systems, health authorities, medical societies and associations of vendors.  The activities of the association are also supported by many sponsoring organisations and companies.
IHE-Europe is regarded by the European Commission as the lead organization helping to ensure health information systems (HIT) can interconnect and communicate together across Europe.


Benefits of active participation in IHE-Europe include :

  • Advancing the leading edge of HIT in Europe
  • Direct involvement with IHE groups influencing change in HIT
  • Learning from top professionals and thought leaders in HIT
  • Helping to organize the annual IHE-Europe Connectathon

You can join the IHE initiative in Europe by becoming a member of one of these supporting organizations.


National initiatives
A national IHE initiative promotes, supports and implements IHE activities within a respective country, and often at the regional level within the country. National IHE initiatives also are responsible for representing the needs and requirements of their respective health care systems within activities of IHE-Europe.
National Initiatives are sponsored by professional associations and include membership and staff of these groups, as well as local hospital and vendor representatives.
Contact the appropriate national organisation to learn more about membership.


User Associations
The success of IHE depends on shared Integration Profiles that are relevant and then implemented by the users of healthcare systems.  Associations and professional societies who represent the interests of HIT users can influence the development of these profiles by joining IHE-Europe to assure the specific needs of their members are met.  As members these associations also help shape IHE-Europe policies, and they also find a wider support for advocating on behalf of their own stakeholders.
User associations who are members of IHE-Europe include:
- European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHP)
- European Society of Radiology (ESR)
- Société Française de Radiologie (SFR)
- Entscheiderfabrik (GUIG)

Vendor Associations
The IHE initiative was first introduced to Europe by the European Association of Radiology (EAR), now part of the European Society of Radiology, and the European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Medical IT Industries (COCIR). Their support and advocacy for IHE progressively gained broad support for an open development method for exchanging medical data, and led to a paradigm shift in the design of health information systems available for hospitals and clinics.
Their continued sponsorship of IHE-Europe creates an open platform welcoming the participation of other associations, provides a forum for interaction and discussion between HIT users and system vendors, and maintains a consistent voice in HIT policy formation at the national and pan-European level.


Joining IHE-Europe can create competitive advantages for a company, enhance its market position and accrue a series of indirect benefits that range from influencing product development to identifying innovative opportunities.
As a member of IHE-Europe, a company takes a seat at the table where decisions are made affecting HIT specifications.  The collaborative model of IHE also creates opportunities to extend a network of contacts into new markets.
IHE-Europe member companies benefit from substantial discounts when participating in the landmark Connectathon testing event.


Download the brochure on IHE-Europe vendor membership benefits to learn more.