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117th ISSUE-20/12/2018: Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!

116th ISSUE-30/11/2018: IHE-Europe Connectathon 2019 - Registration is now OPEN

115th ISSUE-21/11/2018: What’s important to know about the IHE Connectathon?

114th ISSUE-08/11/2018: EURO-CAS Final Conference, 21 November

113th ISSUE-24/10/2018: Connectathon 2019 Heads for Rennes

112th ISSUE-18/10/2018: Happy 20th Birthday IHE

111th ISSUE-19/09/2018: Projectathon – What’s It all about?

110th ISSUE-08/08/2018: eHealth Gathers Momentum at Poland’s 3rd eHealth Forum

109th ISSUE-19/07/2018: IHE-Services Excels at Connectathon 2018

108th ISSUE-03/07/2018: The role of GDPR in the IHE-Europe landscape

107th ISSUE-22/05/2018: The Hague Connectathon Provides Great Value. Now it's Rennes.

106th ISSUE-08/05/2018: IHE-Europe Symposium: Hailed As Great Success!

105th ISSUE-19/04/2018: Connectathon 2018 Day 4/5 - Connectathon Week Really Does Deliver

104th ISSUE-18/04/2018: Connectathon 2018 Day 3 - Eye Care, Monitors and Projectathons

103rd ISSUE-17/04/2018: Connectathon 2018 Day 2 - Delegates Pack IHE-Europe Symposium in The Hague

102nd ISSUE-16/04/2018: Connectathon 2018 Day 1 - Greetings from The Hague!

101st ISSUE-06/04/2018: The Hague Promises Outstanding Connectathon Week

100th ISSUE-22/03/2018: Countdown to Connectathon Week in the Hague

99th ISSUE-15/03/2018: mHealth Plugathon Registration - There is still time!

98th ISSUE-22/02/2018: The Hague Symposium. Something for Everyone.

97th ISSUE-08/02/2018: Connectathon 2018 - The Hague Prepares

96th ISSUE-30/01/2018: IHE Symposium Takes Shape in The Hague

95th ISSUE-12/01/2018: 2018 mHealth Plugathon Registration – Go For It Now!