IHE Perspective on the European Union GDPR

This whitepaper shows how IHE helps understand the General Data Protection Regulations - GDPR - the influence it has on the use of IHE Profiles and the actions that need to be undertaken as a priority to comply and stay compliant.


Whitepaper on Connectathon - new edition 2019





IHE-Europe Flyer

IHE is a world-wide initiative that allows Healthcare IT system users and suppliers to work together to enable interoperability of IT systems.



27 Profiles Flyer

The European Commission has acted to reinforce quality patient care and facilitate access to medical information by healthcare professionals. As part of the procurement process it has endorsed the application of reliable means of electronic exchange of information using recognised profiles and standards – 27 IHE Profiles.


Gazelle Flyer

The Gazelle Test Platform is at the heart of conformity and Interoperability testing.

Conformity Assessment flyer for Vendors
Conformity Assessment flyer for Users
IHE's 2020 Vision
Fact sheet on XDS