For Vendors

The right information for the right patient at the moment when it is needed.

Benefits for Industry
The Situation. Europe's governments, both national and regional, have worked with different suppliers from the private sector to develop equipment or software for stand-alone systems. While this has resulted in a robust base of expertise and solutions for health IT in Europe, an innovative system or successful solution developed by a company often cannot be exported without significant changes to meet variations in standards and requirements in a neighbouring country.

Benefits of Common Health Data. Adoption of common protocols and standards across Europe will create a more uniform market for health IT equipment, software and services enabling manufacturers to market their products at the European and even global level with only minor variations. In addition to helping to assure compatibility between systems, a harmonised market will also lower the costs of acquiring best practices solutions for governments and citizens. Greater adoption of IHE Frameworks will also enable the IT industry based in Europe to compete internationally, thereby increasing employment and sustaining the development of this sector of activity in the European economy.