National and Regional IHE Initiatives Coordinate the Deployment of the IHE Technical Framework and Integration Profiles.

To foster the implementation of IHE Integration Profiles, IHE-Europe supports a process of interoperability testing, demonstrations, education and promotion. Continually evolving and growing, these deployment activities are generally performed at the national or regional level and are typically domain-specific in scope.

National and regional IHE initiatives coordinate the deployment of the IHE Technical Framework and Integration Profiles and give input to their development relevant to local needs and issues. National IHE Deployment Committees are sponsored and overseen by relevant national/regional health authorities and professional associations and include membership and staff of these groups as well as local hospital and vendor representatives.

To bring together and assure coordination of Europe's national and regional deployment, IHE-Europe works in a collaborative way to promote and support the annual European IHE Connectathon, a one-week connectivity marathon testing products from different vendors.

National eHealth programmes and local projects increasingly leverage the IHE Conformity Assessment Test Report to ensure in their tenders higher interoperability quality and compliance to IHE Profiles.