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AI Interest Group for Imaging (AIGI) Task Force

Marc Kaemmerer

 Coordinator: Marc Kämmerer

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The main interest and goal of this task force is defining the means for a standardised  and applicable data workflow for actual use cases on how to

  • deploy and maintain AI applications
  • connect AI applications with the end-user’s systems
  • integrate the AI application output in the end-user’s systems
  • collect and provide end-user’s feedback

by seeking the collaboration with other workgroups, e.g., end-user workgroups, actively engaging in their work to reach our goals.

The group’s special focus lies on the requirements specific to European healthcare systems.

The task force recruits its members from any interest group contributing to or using AI workflows – including users, vendors, experts and marketplace operators.

The intended output of this group are best practice white papers, correction proposals, and work item proposals for existing IHE profiles or other standards. Any output contributes to adding missing items in the existing standardized AI workflow. The practicability will be proven in IHE Connectathons.