Trillium Bridge

Bridging patient summaries across the Atlantic. Advancing eHealth innovation to establish an interoperability bridge that will benefit EU and US citizens alike.

The Trillium Bridge support action extended the European Patient Summaries and Meaningful Use II, Transitions of Care in the United States to establish an interoperability bridge that will benefit EU and US citizens alike, advancing eHealth innovation and contributing to the triple win: quality care, sustainability and economic growth. Several demonstrations performed during the two-year projects in Europe in Athens (May 2014), Luxembourg (April 2015) and Riga (May 2015) and in the US (Boston, October 2014), HIMSS (April 2015) and in the epSOS Projectathon in Luxembourg (April 2015) showed the technical feasibility of the exchange of patient summaries across the Atlantic. Recommendations and a roadmap for the next steps were elaborated and submitted to the eHealth community and the European Commission for future development.  

Role of IHE-Europe:
IHE-Europe developed the testing strategy for Trillium Bridge aligned with the epSOS testing strategy. IHE-Europe organised the Trillium Bridge Projectathon with three European Member States in Luxembourg in April 2015.  

Trillium Bridge supported the Transatlantic eHealth/health IT Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding (EC-HHS MoU) and the Roadmap and Digital Agenda for Europe (DAE). Use cases based on patients travelling from Europe to the US or from the US to Europe were the main drivers of the project and extended the epSOS use case and Meaningful Use-Transitions of Care in the transatlantic context to cover patient and mediated exchange of patient summaries.  

Current status: closed (June 2015)

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